Consumer Rights and Protection

This resource offers some basic consumer rights such as refund and exchange rules when purchase goods, signing a consumer contracts to purchase goods or services, cooling period and cancel of contract.  What is your right if you received goods that you did not ask for as well as some remedies to resolves complaints. 

In some situation, consumer may received a letter from retailer’s lawyer demand for payment of money because they or their children were caught for shoplifting at the store.  In most case, the store has recovered the items stolen and therefore is not claiming the value of what was taken.   Letters are often sent in situations where there was no charge was laid by police.  This letter is call “civil recovery demand letters”.  In some situation, retailers use collection agency to contact the consumers to demand for money payment.  

We have permission from the Justice for Children and Youth legal clinic to use their pamphlet on these subjects to give you basics information and remedies to deal with these situations.

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Consumer rights and protection

Civil Recovery Demand letter